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The actual origin of the Vulcan hand salute, in the series "Star Trek".


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Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original “Star Trek” series, created the iconic Vulcan salute—a gesture that became a defining characteristic of the Vulcan race. The salute, which involves spreading the fingers apart between the middle and ring fingers while holding the hand upright, has an interesting origin tied to Nimoy's Jewish heritage.


Nimoy introduced the salute during the filming of the episode “Amok Time” in the second season of “Star Trek.” He based it on a gesture he remembered from his childhood, which is used in Jewish worship. Specifically, the gesture is part of a blessing performed by Kohanim, members of the priestly class, during the Jewish prayer service. The gesture represents the Hebrew letter “Shin” (ש), which is associated with the word “Shaddai,” a name for God.


Nimoy recalled seeing the gesture during a synagogue service when he was a child and found it fascinating. He thought it would be an appropriate and unique way to express the alien nature of the Vulcans. When the time came to create a distinctive greeting for the Vulcans on “Star Trek,” he suggested the gesture, and it was immediately accepted by the show's creators.


Thus, the Vulcan salute was born, blending Nimoy's cultural heritage with his creativity, and it has since become one of the most recognizable symbols in science fiction.



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Interesting!   I can do the salute easily with my left hand, but not my right.  I  suspect it's due to me playing the guitar, my left hand is much more flexible / versatile. 

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I can't  do it with either hand.

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Interesting.  Concentrating hard, I can do it with both hands.


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