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No surprise: Biden's $320M Gaza pier: Over budget and under constant threat, a 'purely political' misadventure.


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Just think, America, $320 Million dollars, would have given every American citizen $500,000 dollars each as a stimulus, and have a ton left over! Now that would buy some goods to stimulate the economy. But, as we know, this money doesn't exist in the real world, they are printing it out, with nothing to back it up. It will be, we the people, who pay it back. -Ron


Waltz said the cost for the project totaled over $300 million, with some reports citing a figure as high as $320 million – which would be double what initial estimates indicated, Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., told Reuters, calling the operation a “dangerous effort with marginal benefit.”  The aid still comes under attack and seizure by Hamas once it gets on the roads or to the warehouses, which they control. So it basically is replenishing the Hamas fighters, at our expense.


“We do know that the dock and the entire complex has come under mortar fire, already, so, again, this is putting our service members in harm's way unnecessarily,” he stressed.


Pentagon Spokesman Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder also commented earlier in the week that the aid was “not flowing at a rate that any of us are happy with.


Does this structure look like $320 Million dollars worth? Then factor in two US Cruisers, and aircraft to protect it.



Ultimately, Waltz argued that the piers have proven a project initiated for “purely political reasons.” 


Your thoughts?

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I"m surprised "someone" didn't bomb or demolish it while it was being worked on.  Certainly, it and the ramp weren't built in a day!

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I'm sure Hamas is just giving it a breather, so they can get some much-needed food supplies for their fighters. I can't believe we built the stupid thing, the people won't see that food. Someone back here probably getting a kickback on that project.


They've been building it for a bit, since his State of the Union address. It seems the seas are a tad rough. One piece broke off last Saturday, and an Army transport beach vehicle got stuck trying to get the piece back. You just can't make this stuff up. 


Once again, to recap this China Joe insanity.

  • We sell weapons to Israel to defeat Hamas.
  • We build a port for Gaza, which is run by Hamas. 
  • We station two US Cruisers and aircraft, to protect the port from the people we built it for, from blowing it up.
  • You spend $320 million on a port, to get aid to several million people, and it can't even handle 150 truck loads of supplies a day.


81 million votes, folks.


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And what happens every time it gets blown up?

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