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Place your prediction. Which large city/state will fall/collapse first.


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It's only a matter of time for some cities/states that are teetering on the edge of collapse. Either through financial, or safety reasons. So give your prediction, and we can look back at them as time passes. If I missed one you think needs to be on the list, let me know. Feel free to discuss the reasons you think they are collapsing, or will collapse.


New York






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I think Chicago and New York will go first, due to their being 'Sanctuary cities' for the illegals who are draining their coffers.

Of course, Texas may have serious problems because our administration is fighting Texas' attempts at stemming the flow of illegals.

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Hard to say but if the state and local governments do their jobs (witch I doubt) none of them. I still have the opinion no problem is beyond fixing if people work together.




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16 hours ago, wildman said:

I still have the opinion no problem is beyond fixing if people work together.

As do I, Wildman. We have seen over the last decades however, no one wants to work together. It could all be fixed, but for that problem of not wanting to work together. 


This crisis is fluid and changing by the day. I'm finding it hard to pin down any particular city, as they decay each day so quickly. Once the first one falls though, it will spread like a cancer to other Democratic Sanctuary cities. T


New York: Democratic Mayor, they wanted to pretend they love the world and have open arms, but like most things done by the left, they start it with no foresight of the end results, or issues getting to their goal.

New York is running out of money. Like Chicago, they are having to rotate (evict) the illegals out of the shelters (in some cases, luxury hotels) so others can get off the streets. Where do the evicted go? They go out in the cold or heat, and then look for empty buildings to shelter in. One NY woman came home to a man and woman from who knows which country in her apartment. They beat her to death, stuffed her in a duffle bag, put her in the closet, and continued to stay there. The son, checking on her after not hearing from her, found his mother. The sidewalks are jammed with vendors selling all types of items. Where do you think they got all those things to sell. They have no money, no jobs, and the geniuses running the state, can't seem to get work permits issued to them. 


So, no money to sustain them, 7 million of them have arrived here under this administration, and they continue pouring over our borders. They will be starving soon, and need permanent shelter. Home invasions will become the norm, worse than our gang related carjackings. Burglaries for food and other essentials will occur. 

New York police are at an all-time low in numbers. Yet the admin keeps the borders open, and no plan to support them. Citizens are beginning to rise up in vigilante groups, to oust illegal immigrants from friends homes. Fights between illegals and Americans are on the rise in areas, police being assaulted, and the offenders released without bail. To top it all off with a big fat ribbon? A Democratic appeals judge just said illegals can carry firearms. So there goes the touted background check system, except for us Americans who have an ID.


You'd almost think this is being done on purpose. Nah, surely not!


I'll keep adding here, but my prediction at this point is Chicago first, and very soon, then it will spread to nearby New York, From there to other sanctuary cities. Mostly those cities have defunded their police forces. Illegals will see them as offering little resistance, since those cities have basically been denied the right to have firearms. Which is not the case in the South. They are in Atlanta, but for all the problems Atlanta has, the south doesn't tolerate it. Hence, why the song, "Try that in a small town" was so unpopular among the left activists.


So thus far, that is my prediction. 


Come on folks, no predictions?

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New York and Chicago, still running neck and neck towards demise.


"It was a very quiet neighborhood before and then suddenly when it happened, those people break into the house," Ming Zhu, who lives two houses down from the razed Brooklyn home, said at a Thursday press conference.

Residents say the cadre of squatters took up residence in the Dyker Heights neighborhood over the summer and quickly made themselves known by stealing security cameras and other goods from surrounding houses – and directly threatening neighbors.


But the New York City Police Department told Fox News Digital that Chen started the fire "intentionally" and "recklessly." 

The inferno caused $900,000 in damage, the New York Post reported, and took dozens of firefighters an hour to extinguish, according to ABC 7. 

A spokesperson for NYC Councilwoman Susan Zhuang's office told Fox News Digital that the rest of those squatters are living in the home's backyard to this day. 


Zhu said the squatters at the home broke his $5,000 security camera. Another person living on the block said the squatters regularly stole water from surrounding houses using barrels. 


The incident is just one of the latest squatter nightmares to plague New Yorkers – last month, eight Venezuelan migrants were hauled out of a Bronx home filled with guns and drugs. Many were previously arrested at the southern border and released back into the U.S. and one had a previous rap on a murder charge. 

Also last month, a Manhattan woman was murdered after she surprised two squatters who had taken up residence in her new apartment, police said – her family members found her stuffed inside a duffel bag. 



Looks like both are in a nose dive to the bottom. I think it's far too late to recover. At this point, if you try to remove/deport just the criminals, they will rebel against the police, which are dwindling in number in NY.


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Yes, they don't even get a turn-out for BLM down this way. 

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2 minutes ago, Windwalker said:

Yes, they don't even get a turn-out for BLM down this way. 

Wait till the government gets all our guns...

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I was thinking about that yesterday. With the democratic judge deciding, illegals could own and carry guns, Those 40,000 illegal Chinese military age men, won't even have to smuggle in guns to cause mayhem.


Heck, even the cartels don't have to worry about having to sneak firearms in. You just can't make this stuff up. 


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Finally updating my prediction. I may be wrong, but I believe New York will fall first, then Chicago.

You can now call New York the "Third World City, of the most powerful nation on the planet".


Based on my observations thus far,

  • Businesses closing due to crime.
  • Squatting is out of control, resulting in deaths/injury to owners and police.
  • New York has a restricted and under-manned police force.
  • No justice/prosecution system
  • Lawless politicians. 
  • Fighting with law enforcement
  • Violent crimes rising quickly involving illegals.
  • Anti-Israeli protestors getting out of hand
  • They are getting hungry and greedy, they have to eat. 
  • There will soon be turf wars between the cartels, and different gangs.
  • The black market supplying the sidewalk vendors will begin to fight to see who gets the lucrative market of supplying these vendors with mostly imported and stolen goods from the retail smash and grabs. 


Of course, the Mayor, two weeks ago, declared there was no crime problem.


Chicago is on about the same footing. Your thoughts?




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A lot of that stuff for sale is given to thm by the government and charity groups

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Talk about a sidewalk sale ?  Things sure have  changed since the last time I  was in NYC. 

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Its become a crazy place from what I hear. I'm just glad I don't have to live there. 

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My money is still on NYC. In the last two months, the illegals are so brazen, they have organized scooter drive by theft. They also have so little fear, that they steal the items from a store, and set up a spot on the sidewalk in front of the store. :D

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Who will stop them?  They've defunded the police, haven't they?

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That is amazing. No wonder our world is so messed up, right now.

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