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Trouble shooting tip for Windows or Linux


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I have used this method to clear problems in the past.


When you encounter strange occurrences such as mouse not working, or maybe just a button on the mouse. or maybe, your keyboard is not typing on some keys. Usually, a reboot of your computer, will clear issues. There is however, one seldom mentioned step to clearing a stubborn issue. Drain the power.


If rebooting, unplugging and replugging the item hasn't cleared the issue. The final step could be the system power needs to be drained. Your computer, even when switched off or shut down, retains power to some components. While very unusual, a system could have something that is energized and causing a conflict with a device. To solve this, the power needs to be drained from the motherboard completely. While there are several methods according to many, I tend to use this method on all computers I work on, and only takes about a minute.


  • Properly shut down your system after saving anything you're working on. 
  • Disconnect the power cord from the back of your computer, or from the power strip if you use one. 
  • Wait about 10 seconds, "with the power cord still unplugged" then press and hold the power button on the machine,  for about 10 seconds, then release the power button.
  • Sometimes you may see a momentary flicker on the power indicator located on the computer, sometimes you won't. This drains any residual stored energy in the motherboard.
  • Plug the power back into the computer, then start your machine as you normally would.


I hope this helps someone in the future. It helped me this morning.

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