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17 travel gadgets you need for your next trip or vacation from PC World


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Thought you all might get a kick out of this article. 




It’s never easy to decide what to pack for a trip. Whether you’re packing light for a quick business trip or heading out on the next big family vacation, it’s important to bring the right tech. Here at PCWorld we’re continually testing the latest gadgets to sort the good from the bad. This means we’ve had the opportunity to find the best tech gear and accessories specifically for travel.

From voltage converters to nose-cancelling headphones, we’ve curated a list of the very best gear to optimize your next travel experience. The items below are worthy of any packing list and will help you prepare for anything you may encounter on the road—or in the sky.


All the items are in the link above.




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Lol, those were some good ideas, Cheyenne. I'm going to look into that $12 universal phone holder for in the office here. I also want to research the extra monitor, that would be nice.

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