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From PC -- 4 reasons to switch to Windows 11 (and 5 reasons not to)


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What a great article. Cheyenne. I'm glad you posted that. I actually read, several of the other linked articles. It seems that what they like to call upgrades/updates, many times are just tweaks, or cosmetic. Which is fine, it keeps people who don't like radical changes happy, like me. 


These are just my observations, and certainly not advice on whether to switch or not. 

  • Snap feature, was probably thought up by one of the developers that use Linux. I turned my option off. I don't like dragging a window a little too close to the edge of a screen, and then it explodes to cover up what I'm working on. :D
  • Android programs. While it's true, that there are tons of Android apps in the world, those apps are the super favorite of hackers and scammers. If Windows has security features in place, to stop any malicious attacks, that will be great, if not, people will spend time fixing machines, from malware etc. 
  • AI in the photo program, could be useful, but what security/privacy are you giving up for the usefulness. Are AI pictures of your face, remaining on "just your machine"? Or, will they be uploaded to the myriad of databases of facial recognition. :D
  • The menu bar, I thought that it was more user customizable, than what I read. It seems to really make it what you want, you have to use Stardock? For $5. Maybe, they got the idea from Linux, but it's rather cumbersome to not be able to move it around, right out of the box. I can put mine left, right, top, bottom, adjust size of the icons, and the bar itself. I can add more than one taskbar if needed, or make it a "plank" as it's called, when it's centered at the bottom of the screen. :D

Personally, I think people should use, what they enjoy using, and what works best for them. For me? I'm into being able to customizing my look and feel when I want, Security, and most of all privacy, and no ads or tracking. 


Thanks, again, for the great link. :D   :goodpost




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1 hour ago, Windwalker said:

Thanks, again, for the great link. :D   :goodpost


Sure, PC World seems to be a trusted site.


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