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The Country Depot


While the ideal world would need no rules, we have a few that serve to keep you and our visitors, safe and happy. Basically, be nice, be respectful, and have fun. These forums are for those that want a place to meet and have a nice time. We want you comfortable inviting your friends and family.


1.)  No Adult Content: Adult content consists of images, media, or text containing pornography, nudity, excessive profanity or any other explicit material deemed inappropriate. No links allowed to content containing the afore mentioned items. 


2.) No Illegal Material: No post regarding illegal activity of any type allowed. You are responsible for determining if anything you post here is copyrighted. If you are the author of any works found here in violation of your copyright, please contact the Admin so that it can be removed immediately.


3.) Multiple Registrations and Usernames: Are not allowed. Accidental double registrations can be taken care of. Notify the Staff.


4.) Final Authority: The Moderating Team reserves the right to edit, delete, merge, or remove any forum content. If something has been edited/removed, please contact a staff member. Members contesting decisions by staff in open forum will be suspended and or removed immediately. 


5.) Signatures: The area below your post is your signature area (if you wish to use it).  Please keep signature items  to a decent size and "in line" so that they do not make the signature area "tall". 


6.) ShoutBox: Please do not use the Shout Box for support, We have support areas in the forums. Externally linked Graphics in the Shoutbox should be small if used. No more than 3 lines tall.


7.) Use of PM and EMAIL system:: Do not use the Depot PM or EMAIL system to solicit others for any reason. PM/EMAIL communications designed to cause discord are not allowed. Emails and PMs are logged. Please report any misuse.


8.) No discrimination/attacks/disrespect/ based on race/sex/religious or political affiliations or beliefs.



Acceptance of Rules:
By registering and posting, you have acknowledged that you agree to the Rules as stated. 

This Forum is for General Audience and Families, 18 years and older, to have fun.

Thank You,
"The Country Depot" Staff

Updated December 9, 2022

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