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[Resolved] what's happened to the EDIT function


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Posted a link in Anything goes, and the YouTube didn't load right.  I see NO Edit function so I could redo it.  Just did another post.

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54 minutes ago, lightfootfan said:

I'm sure we'll find other things changed by the 'update'. :default_biggrin:

Taint no doubt an not necessarily for the better IMO.




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small layout 9-5-2020.JPG


OK, now I see what is causing my issue. Didn't know there was an update. Haven't been here in weeks.

The forum layout does not "touch" the sides of the window. Everything looks squeezed in. I can live with it.

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Extreme apologies Flamingo. I can't believe I haven't seen this. :(


Are you by chance have your browser zoom setting high? 

This is what I'm seeing using the Desert Theme. 



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On 9/5/2020 at 11:53 AM, happycanuk said:

It's ok now, as I see the 3 dots.  Didn't know they existed but it's all good.


Sorry, they didn't exist before the latest update. They decided that it made for less visual clutter, to put the edit option up there. Not a good choice in my thinking. :really:

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There are none in the posting box.  Only in upper right of post after posted.  Check farther down after clicking the 3 dots.

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I have marked this issue as resolved, due to no further activity, or the issue was solved.  Feel free to start a new tio topic, if the problem occurs again. 


Thanks, :tech: 

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