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Post your desktop background


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Here are some of mine at the moment



































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Changed mine this morning. I was sitting here in the dark with Reboot, just enjoying the morning before daylight. So I snapped a photo and added it as my desktop. :)




Screenshot from 2020-09-11 06-00-00.png

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I usually change mine every couple weeks, I used to take a lot of pictures when we had our RV. This is a scene from Waterton Lakes National Park, about a 75 minute drive from here.  The lake is crystal clear and runs north and south, the southern part is in Montana.   


 desktop June 2021.JPG

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Nice looking desktops. I change mine on no regular schedule, just when the urge hits me. I like all kinds of backgrounds.

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Okay I made yet another modification. This should explain my military career.






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I usually change mine every couple weeks,  this morning I put on this one,  the Milford Bay rock cut near Muskoka lake.   The rock cut is one of the longest of it's kind in North America and was blasted out of billion year old granite in 1960 / 61.  We lived not far from it, and some of the larger dynamite blasts used to rattle our pictures and a couple times knocked them off the walls.  


screen oct 2021.JPG

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