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  1. Hydro, water that turns turbines. Sure, there are droughts, but during short water, you could use natural gas, or nuclear. All of which have far less waste of materials. Not to mention, if a water turbine fails after, say, 100+ years. You can recycle the metal to make new turbines. Win/Win!! Water, nuclear and clean natural gas, work in the dark, snow, lack of wind, and stormy weather. Yes, we are being sold snake oil. Hydro used to be the go to, till they tried to save the salmon, frogs, snakes and stupid boaters that got too drunk, and too close. Some, still very few operating hydroelectric turbines in use, have been running since 1908. How's THAT for reliability. Meanwhile, Enormous wind turbine blades are replaced every few years, and have to be cut into thirds and stored on land or buried under the land. These turbine blades are NOT recyclable and don't degrade, being made from fiberglass, resins and other exotic carbon materials. Which, ironically, are made with fossil fuels for the plastic etc. There were plans by a private company, to grind up the blades into the consistency of sand for use in floor tiles, railroad ties, and railway beds. However, after years, they still are just stored in the US. Can you imagine the machinery and cost to grind up a third of a blade that is as long as a school bus, into grains of large sand? Probably wasn't thought about beforehand. Remember, each blade is cut into 3 pieces of school bus size, you have three blades, so 9 very large pieces of blade have to be ground up, and there are thousands of these in this one picture. No way a company could afford to dispose of them. Then there is the enormous cost of having them cut up into thirds on site, transported to a landfill or storage, and disposed of or pay for storage. This is but one of thousands of storage areas around the US for old wind solar blades. Something they make sure not to mention, and not being recyclable, flies in the face of everyone separating plastics and glass to recycle on a home level. The blades are so huge, that they are transported one at the time, on ships, or special truck. There are three for every generator. Not to mention, which they make sure not to. Each turbine takes a lot of rare earth metals. Something we're not sure if we will have enough of, just for the EVs. Discarded wind turbine blades fill thirty acres on the west side of Sweetwater, Texas One blade can be from 229 feet up to 315 feet long.
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