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Found 3 results

  1. So for the ultimate rub, as many are finding out. EVs that the government wants us to buy, are more difficult to maintain, then they would like us to believe. They are just like computers, they get discontinued, or the model changes and the battery won't interchange. So there you have a good example of the problems with the climate saving EV. That vehicle only had 60,000 miles on it, and needed a new battery. Who wants to buy a new EV vehicle for $50,000+ that a new battery would cost around $14,000 if the battery goes bad. Call me anti climate, or an old foggey, but I can afford a $200 battery for my fossil fuel auto better than I could a $14,000 battery. Imagine how low resale on an EV will get once people start realizing this huge drawback. Extended car warranties aren't going to cover them long, that expense would put them out of business pretty fast.
  2. I was riding along yesterday, and listening to the radio. They were talking about how the push to going "Green" is costing us so much, as we are not prepared to go "Green", and it will be you and me that has to change. Government can't change. I don't know how this drifted over my head, when we all were discussing electric vehicles a while back. Maybe my mind has been dulled from all the frustration. There are major problems with what they preach to us. In a nutshell, the only people that will be going green, are you and I. Unless we get some adults in the Congress, and at least slow it down some. Think about this. They want us off fossil fuels by 2035 or 2030. Fifteen years at the most, yet they tell us we only have about 12 years before the planet is irreversibly done for from climate change. We, the public, by being forced to drive EV's will make a miniscule dent in the pollution, as China, Russia, India and many more continue to produce pollution. Our military vehicles can't operate on electric power, unless aliens arrive and give us something better than we have. Tanks, supply trucks, their cars, aircraft, ships, all need range and power, something that only fossil fuel can generate at this time. A newer equal energy source won't be here like that, till many decades to come. Governmental vehicles, cars for officials to motorcade in, will need to be fossil fuel for distance. Police Cars, and other first responder vehicles, that have to make many trips in a day, covering some distance, can't do it on electric power. As a police officer, I would travel 120 miles in half a day. That means I would need two vehicles per shift. As the power ran low in one, I would have to change to another one, or be out of service while charging. UPS, and other delivery vehicles, like postal, need range. 18wheeler transport trucks can't use natural gas, or propane. Yes, many of them have gone from gasoline to propane or natural gas. But guess what. Propane and natural gas, are still fossil fuels. Commercial airline flights. Here is a picture of the early morning hours at 6:30am. Imagine, if you will, what it looks like during rush hour. Planes won't be ready to use non-fossil fuel for decades, if then. Below is a "live" tracker of current aircraft over most of the world, the US is near the center of the map. I included a larger area, as many of the commercial planes over other countries are ours as well. So the higher prices to push us to EV's is lining someone's pockets. Only someone on drugs, or from another planet, can see where mostly just the citizens giving up their fossil fueled vehicles for less range and convenience, can make logic of this. It won't be feasible for decades yet, if not another century, to have power that will drive large heavy vehicles, any distance to be useful. They tell us, if you believe it, we only have 10-12 years before we destroy the planet. If you believe that, I can't help you with facts. Now, the real nail in the coffin of "green" energy in the short term, is something they don't bother even mentioning. They are installing hundreds of thousands of recharge stations for vehicles. Plus, you need one at home as well. Where is the electrical grid that is supposed to support this additional load. In a time when we have brownouts and blackouts during hot weather, because the current grid can't support the load, how is that going to work. The $1.2 trillions of dollars recently passed only allots about $65 billion for the electrical grid. We will need a grid at least twice the current size, but that $65 billion is also broken up over 5 years. That only leaves us about 5 years before the planet dies, if we are to believe the pundits. The $65 billion dollars is to improve the currently, 7300 power 160,000 miles of high-voltage power lines, and millions of low-voltage power lines, has parts that are more than a century old. This is improvements and repair, not expansion. So let all that sink in. Plus, remember, this isn't supposed to cost the US taxpayer a dime. Whew! That was a lot of research for this early in the morning. Time for a second cup of coffee! -Ron Thoughts? Is it doable in a little less than 10 years now? AOC says we only have 10-12 years left. 2/3 of democrats, polled, said they took it literally.
  3. The big push to get us all in electric vehicles through the "green-new-deal", is a fantasy at this point. Sure, they sound great, with fast acceleration, possibly lower maintenance, and less pollution, but there is a major drawback that they have somehow managed to not get public exposure about. Probably, because most people can't afford them. The smallest vehicle 9electric gets about 95 miles per full charge. The higher priced ones get up to 750 miles on a full charge. That is, if you can sit still long enough to fully charge the vehicle. Charging power is capped almost universally as far as speed, to protect the batteries during charging. These ranges are also based on flat test tracks, not stop and go traffic, hills, or other factors. So if I went to shop in the city next to me, and was low on power, like most of us do our gasoline. I would have to shop near a charging station for 2 hours to have enough power to get me the 30 miles back home. Another thing we haven't realized. Charging stations. Imagine how many our society will need. You can get in and out of a service station with a full tank, in under 10 mins. Now multiply that by the number of vehicles that run through a filling station in an hour that has only 4 pumps. Then try to service the same number of electric cars in an hour that take one hour for just 24 miles. The number of charging stations in one location is staggering. Sure some charging is done at home, but suppose you have a long day of running around and nearly deplete your charge, as most people do with gasoline which gets more distance compared to electric. If you're 100 miles from home, you will need about 4 hours to top off to get home. Until battery charging, and capacity increase dramatically, electric vehicles just aren't that practical. On average, one hour of charging can get you about 24 miles, so you'd best be careful not to run low. Imagine, as well, getting stuck on the freeway during rush hour, or an accident blocking the road, and having to sit for an hour or more running the AC which is powered by the battery. There would be a lot of stranded electric vehicles without power in that scenario. Or, getting stuck in a snow storm for more than an hour or two. Now, add to that, the 8 cents a mile travel tax they want to levy on everyone, gas or electric. Your thoughts? Are we really ready for this? Or is it a rich persons dream.
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