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  1. Let me just start by saying, that I'm glad I left Montgomery 20 years ago. I sometimes have to go there for a doctor's appointment, but I don't like it. And I was a Cop, and though the people that run that city will tell you glowing things. I'd advise not visiting unless you know where you're going. Even if the city was the home of Hank Williams, the Civil Rights movement, and other historical things. So, this organization, wants to construct 156 miles of walking trails there. Undoubtably, many parts will be in secluded areas going to and from the neighborhoods. I really wish something like that would work for people to enjoy. However It will mostly be a great spot for criminals to find victims alone, and drug usage and sales. Where some of our tax dollars from the "Rescue Plan" went. Oh yea, I bet it will be a reducer in crime. Sorry, but that is going to be a disaster. I'm not going through a stroll on isolated trails, where there is a chance of 1 in 162 of being raped, robbed or murdered. Not my cup of tea. I wonder if some of the trails will go through the neighborhoods, that even the police don't hardly want to go. Your thoughts, good idea?
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